Brett Butler Joins Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

By Sam Lansky 03/01/12

Sheen casts recovering addict Brett Butler, who was living in a homeless shelter in November, in his new FX show.

Butler respects Sheen's winning talent.
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Charlie Sheen’s upcoming comedy for FX, Anger Management, is getting progressively more interesting; ‘90s sitcom queen, comedienne and recovering addict Brett Butler—who was living in a homeless shelter in November—is now set to join the cast. The two stars both lost their respective flagship sitcoms due to struggles with drugs and alcohol—though Butler, now sober for well over a decade, is vocal about her recovery, while Sheen has downplayed his spectacular substance abuse issues. Ironically, both shows (Grace Under Fire and Two and a Half Men) were created by TV producer Chuck Lorre, with whom Sheen’s relationship remains acrimonious; for her part, Butler has said that she made amends to Lorre, who left Grace Under Fire in the midst of Butler’s public downfall via addiction to opiate painkillers. Anger Management, which will debut on June 28, will see Sheen playing a disgraced pro baseballer-turned-therapist who specializes in anger management. Butler will join the cast as a bartender at Sheen’s character’s favorite watering hole. While it remains to be seen whether Butler’s current sobriety and serenity will clash with Sheen’s notoriously erratic antics, she sounded sympathetic in an interview with TV Guide last year: “I know the people close to [Sheen] have to be in anguish,” she said. “I know this: Charlie Sheen has huge talent. I’m a complicated, interesting, talented woman with a broken ‘no’ switch. I would feel terrible to think there’s a lot more people that have to go through what I did.”

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