Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Hopes Music Will Help Her Recover

By Brent McCluskey 02/09/15

Bobbi Kristina was reportedly battling depression and abuse around the time she was found unconscious.

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, remains in a coma on life support after being found lying unconscious in a bathtub, an eerie reminder of her mother Whitney Houston, who was found in the same condition three years ago. Now, Brown’s family sits by her hospital bed, singing what they hope will be restorative songs.

While it’s still unclear what led to Brown’s current hospitalization, it is known she has struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past. During her teens she self-medicated with alcohol, and more recently she got high immediately after her mother’s funeral. Last week, it became known that police did find drugs at her home when she was found unconscious.

It has also come to light that Brown was severely struggling with the loss of her mother. Just before she was found, she texted a friend expressing her pain.

“[The loss of Whitney Houston is a] pain like your heart has been ripped out of your chest,” wrote Brown. “She was and is my everything ma’am. And if you don’t think I don’t know [what] an ounce of HURT anguish and pain is, you are preaching to the wrong women [sic], because I’ve Ives [sic] in the public eye since I was born.”

Brown has the prayers and well wishes of her many fans and her family. Her grandmother, Cissy, refuses to give up hope and has been softly singing to Brown in the hopes the power of music will help her heal.

The Houston family released a statement thanking the public for their thoughts, but also asking for a degree of privacy.

“Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family,” The Houston family said. “As her father already stated, we are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.”

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