Bill Murray's Slurry MSNBC Interview Just the Latest In His Highly Public Boozing

By McCarton Ackerman 05/20/15

The comedic actor's latest bout with public drunkenness was his most hilarious.

Bill Murray
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Bill Murray made two highly memorable television entrances this Tuesday. Just hours after popping out of a giant birthday cake as the final guest of David Letterman’s late night reign, he crashed MSNBC and gave a slurry interview that literally brought him to the floor.

Arriving for a spontaneous appearance on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, the actor was shown stumbling around the set and murmuring inaudibly. When he finally went to his seat, he promptly fell out of his chair.

Murray readily admitted to Lawrence that he had “oysters, rose wine, red wine and duck” shortly after finishing his appearance on Letterman. The Groundhog Day star also had several shots of vodka with Letterman during his interview.

“I rushed here to do your show because Jim said that you wanted him to come on the show,” slurred Murray nonsensically. “I said, you know, I think you’re doing great ... so when he said come, it wasn’t a question."

The actor has made no secret of his love for the drink. Last September, he bizarrely told The Telegraph that “I like alcohol, but I don’t have a favorite drink, which is probably why I’m not an alcoholic. If I had a favorite, I’d probably be a drunk.”

During the Berlin premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel in February 2014, Murray arrived holding a full martini glass and downed it in one gulp. A YouTube video from May 2012, in which he gives a mock hosted tour for the film Moonrise Kingdom, showed the actor visibly drunk as he held a glass of “Sailor Jerry ... it’s a spiced rum.”

He narrowly avoided a drunk driving charge in August 2007 after cruising through the streets of Stockholm in a stolen golf cart and refusing to take a breath test. Murray took the vehicle, which was on display outside of the downtown hotel he was staying in, and drove it to a nightclub less than a mile away. He signed a document admitting that he drove under the influence and agreed to let a police officer plead guilty for him.

His ex-wife, Jennifer, claimed in divorce papers filed in May 2008 that Murray was a sex addict, as well as being addicted to marijuana and alcohol. Their divorce was finalized the following month.

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