Bill Maher Is "Gay for Marijuana"

By Ben Feuerherd 02/13/13

The talk show host calls out Obama for failing to support love between man and marijuana.

Maher just wants his love recognized by
the law.
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On last night's Conan, comedian and talk show host Bill Maher called out President Obama for his lack of support for pot (video below). While Maher and host Conan O'Brien discussed the State of the Union address (which had yet to air when the show was being taped), they referred back to the President's second inaugural address, which has been widely hailed as a liberal speech. But although Obama has expressed his support for the LGBT community by endorsing gay marriage, Maher called him a "centrist" and berated him for neglecting to endorse love between man and marijuana. “Well, Mr. President, I’m gay for marijuana," said Maher. "I want to be treated equally under the law. We met in high school and we’ve been together ever since.” O'Brien responded: "You guys have been going at it hot and heavy,” to which Maher replied: “I know, sometimes we forget each other’s sentences.” Obama did not mention marijuana or drug policy during last night's address.

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