Bank Exec Who Sued LAPD May Be Bath Salts Addict

By McCarton Ackerman 10/16/12

Brian Mulligan's bath salts admission could overturn his $50 million police brutality lawsuit.

Was Mulligan on bath salts when he claims
the LAPD beat him up?
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Just in time for Halloween: another eery news appearance from bath salts. This time, a Deutsche Bank executive, who filed a $50 million police brutality claim against the LAPD in May, might have been addicted to bath salts—if a confession he made just two days before the alleged beatings is anything to go by. The LAPD has released audio of Brian Mulligan, the bank's managing director and vice chairman of media and telecommunications, after he frantically flagged down a cop, claiming that a helicopter was following him. The officer is heard calmly pointing out the lack of helicopters in the vicinity, at which point the exec admits to recently taking "White Lightning"—a commercial name for the synthetic drug compound known as bath salts. Mulligan told the cop that he'd used the drug more than 20 times and that it "felt like his face was melting off" the first time he tried it—which sounds like a great reason to go back for more. Two days after this incident, the exec claimed that LAPD officers searched his car without reason and that, when he tried to flee, the cops beat him mercilessly, resulting in 15 fractures to the nasal area, a broken scapula, and facial lacerations severe enough that he "barely looked human." The LAPD claims that a man matching Mulligan's description was trying to open people's car doors and when they tried to stop him, he "took a fighting stance" and charged the officers. The bath salts revelation will likely be used against Mulligan should he follow through with his lawsuit; both of his lawyers have since dropped him as a client.

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