Attorney for Former Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Says He Wasn’t Drunk

By Shawn Dwyer 01/14/14

Brent’s attorney took the bold stance of declaring his client wasn’t driving drunk the night he killed friend and teammate, Jerry Brown, despite evidence to the contrary.

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The defense attorney for embattled former Dallas Cowboys defensive end, Josh Brent, argued in his opening remarks that his client wasn’t drunk in the crash that killed his teammate. Brent’s trial for intoxication manslaughter began on Monday.

Attorney George Milner sought to discredit the evidence that Brent was drinking when he killed friend and teammate Jerry Brown on December 8, 2012 by declaring that the 320-pound lineman was capable of consuming more alcohol than the average person and not be intoxicated. "Josh Brent is as big as a house," Milner said. "He's got a heart – better yet a mind – of a person much younger than he really is."

But prosecutor Heath Harris referenced the overwhelming evidence indicating that Brent was indeed drunk, including receipts for purchasing drinks at a nightclub, dash cam video of him failing a field sobriety test, and Brent confirming to police that he had “a reasonable amount” when asked how much he had to drink. "This is not a difficult case, ladies and gentlemen," Harris said. "There will be no disputing the fact that he was drinking that night." In reference to the failed sobriety test, Milner countered that “[n]obody's going to be able to do the tricks on the side of the road" after walking away from a fiery wreck.

Brent and Brown were close friends and teammates extending all the way back to their days playing for the University of Illinois. Brown was a linebacker signed to the Cowboys’ practice squad, while Brent played 12 games as a starting defensive tackle during the 2012 season. Brent retired from the NFL that same year.

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