Attorney Accused Of Framing PTA Volunteer In Drug Planting Case

By McCarton Ackerman 09/02/14

Attorney Kent Easter and his wife conspired to set-up Kelli Peters over alleged mistreatment of their son.

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A California attorney who tried to put a PTA volunteer in jail could be facing time behind bars himself after a retrial is underway over him allegedly planting drugs in the woman’s car.

Kent Easter is accused of framing Kelli Peters in February 2011 by placing pills, marijuana, and a used pot pipe in her car before calling police to inform them that she was under the influence. His actions were reportedly in response to what he felt was poor treatment and a lack of proper supervision of his son.

But after police didn’t find drugs anywhere in Peters’ house, the police investigation shifted back to Easter. Peters later told police that after she punished his son on the schoolyard, Easter tried to get her fired, unsuccessfully sued her, and later attempted to get a restraining order against her.

Attorneys for Easter are arguing that his wife was the one who planted the drugs in the car. It’s a similar line of defense to what was used in the first trial last November, which painted Easter as a husband who was controlled by his wife and ordered by her to make the phone call.

His wife, Jill, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and served four months in jail. Easter now faces similar charges and remains free on bail; the initial trial ended last November with an 11-1 deadlock in favor of convicting him. If convicted this time, he faces up to three years in prison on the charges.

The trial last November also had an added hint of scandal when it was revealed that Jill had a secret lover, Glenn Gomez. Gomez, an Orange County firefighter, had reportedly worn a wire to tape Easter, but wasn’t able to get her to admit to doing anything wrong.

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