AToN Center: Putting You at the Center of Recovery

By Sponsored Post 03/28/14

Paid Sponsored Post: Relationships with others can both help and hinder recovery, and it's never clear which it will be. But focusing on yourself is the best decision in the long run.

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In working with the residents of the AToN Center I often see how their interactions with friends and family members can both improve or detract from a person's work in recovery. Many times people are in relationships with others that are using. In this case the decision to get sober is likely to strongly affect the relationship. Many people may even fear that if they get sober that they will lose their relationships altogether. The difficult truth is that as you change, your relationships are likely to change as well. This can create both distance and increased intimacy, but it is not always clear which one it will be. I am convinced though that when a person makes changes for their own personal betterment and gets sober, that this will lead to better relationship outcomes in the long run. For example, some people are afraid that they will become a social outcast, but many times people receive encouraging messages that their sobriety has prompted friends and family to consider taking the same step. Putting one's self at the center of their recovery is the mechanism for their own improvement, while also being able to develop healthy long term relationships with others.

Dr.Chad Cox, PsyD

AToN Center

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