Ask an Expert: Where Can I Get Help For My Pregnant Addict Daughter?

By Lance Dodes 02/10/15

Today's question is on where a mother can send her pregnant teenage daughter for heroin addiction treatment.


I am in the process of trying to find a residential treatment facility for my 18-year-old daughter who is a heroin addict and 11 weeks pregnant. She went through treatment at Right Step in Euless, TX, discharged on 7-15, for less than the original plan of 30 days (because she had no desire to be there and thought she could do it on her own). It was definitely less than adequate, and she relapsed within two weeks. I have read through your ultimate guide but I can't find any info on accreditation. Several of the facilities have said JCAHO is the gold standard, and we should not consider a facility without that. Can you direct me to some info on that topic. Thank you! BP

Lance Dodes: Step one is that your daughter should be under the care of an obstetrician as well as another physician who will evaluate and monitor the current status of her drug use. If she is using heroin currently, she should be evaluated for maintenance on either buprenorphine or methadone. Both are safer alternatives to heroin during pregnancy. If she is not currently taking heroin, the fetus is best protected by her being placed in a facility away from all illicit drugs for the duration of the pregnancy. A JCAHO facility is required if she needs medical care during her pregnancy.



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