Ask an Expert: AA Isn't Doing It For Me

By Tessie Castillo 02/19/15
Today's question is on what treatments are out there besides AA.

I have 2 DUI's and the judge assigned me to a treatment program. It is pretty basic and uninteresting. I really need to be driving and can't get another DUI but this program is not going to do much. AA didn't do much and was boring. I don't drink every night but when I do I have a hard time stopping. What other programs are out there that I might get more out of?  Thanks.  - Richard


Tessie Castillo: Dear Richard: If group programs aren’t meeting your needs, then you might consider individual therapy. Substance abuse counselors can work one-on-one with you to create a plan to manage your drinking based on what your personal goals are and what behavioral changes are realistic for you. If your goal is total abstinence, there are counselors who can help you create a plan to achieve that. If your goal is to drink less, you might consider seeing a counselor who specializes in harm reduction or moderation management. Under these methods of treatment, the idea is to work toward any positive behavioral change based on a treatment plan that fits your needs and objectives.



Tessie Castillo is the Advocacy and Communications Coordinator at the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, a leading public health and drug policy reform organization in the Southern United States. She is an expert on harm reduction, overdose prevention and response, naloxone, the drug war, and policy reform.   Full Bio.

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