'Anthony’s Act' Pushes for 90-Day Minimum Inpatient Drug Treatment

By Brent McCluskey 11/20/14

Valerie and Cris Fiore want to change treatment coverage under the Affordable Care Act after losing their son Anthony to heroin.

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After losing their son to a heroin overdose, one Pennsylvania family started the Anthony’s Act petition in hopes of increasing the effectiveness of in-patient drug treatment programs.

On May 31, Valerie and Cris Fiore lost their 24-year-old son Anthony to a heroin overdose. Anthony struggled to get clean, and had even been in and out of several rehabs. But because the Affordable Care Act only provides a 30-day maximum treatment program, he didn't have enough time to recover.

In honor of their son and other struggling addicts, the Fiore family has started Anthony’s Act, a petition aimed at increasing the minimum length of inpatient drug rehabilitation programs to 90 days.

“One of the things that is so important about inpatient treatment that's so important is it gets you out of that environment,” said Cris Fiore, Anthony’s father. “You’re some place safe, secure and away from the things that were a bad part of your life before.”

“The way the system works right now is 30 days or less,” he added. “And people are just going through rehab after rehab after rehab. It’s not working. Anthony…every time he came home he used that night.”

While the drastic increase would certainly come with a heavy financial toll, Anthony’s Act claims there could be as much as a 12 to 1 return on investment. An effective treatment of 90 days would not only reduce the risk of relapse by up to 73%, but it would also decrease the amount of drug-related accidents, including overdoses and deaths.

The Fiore family is already well over halfway to their goal of reaching 10,000 signatures, and has encouraged supporters to tell their representatives that the “Affordable Care Act must be amended to provide for a minimum of ninety (90) days inpatient drug or alcohol treatment up to a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) days per year at a facility certified to provide such care by the Secretary of Health of the state in which it is located.”

Click here to sign the petition.

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