American Idol Hopeful's Drunken Arrests

By McCarton Ackerman 01/23/12

Amy Brumfield has become an Idol star; can she leave her alcohol-related problems behind her?

Amy Brumfield seems motivated to
change her life.
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American Idol hopeful Amy Brumfield wowed the judges last week with her rendition of Alicia Keys' "Superwoman" and her story of living in a tent. But her newfound celebrity has caused details of her lengthy struggle with alcohol to surface. Police reports show she's been arrested six times since 2005—and three of those arrests were alcohol-related. The most recent such incident was in August 2010, when cops reported she was so drunk that she urinated on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins. Brumfield also pleaded guilty to underage alcohol consumption in 2007 and was sentenced to probation. But she now seems motivated to change her life. “There are a lot of lessons I had to learn in life to get where I am mentally. If there’s any perfect time for me to be doing this, it’s now,” she said before her audition. American Idol is no stranger to drug- and alcohol-related issues among its cast members. Season 1 contestants Jessica Sierra and Nikki McKibbin appeared on various seasons of Celebrity Rehab to fight their addictions. And Adam Lambert got into a blackout-induced brawl with his boyfriend in Finland this past December, leading to both their arrests.

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