Alcohol Spray Soon to Hit the Market

By Chrisanne Grise 05/16/12

"Wahh" is meant to be sprayed on food, rather than directly into the mouth...

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Want the dizzying alcohol sensation without (in theory) getting embarrassingly drunk? Look no further than Wahh—a new inhalable alcohol mist designed to deliver a burst of Vodka flavor and a minor lightheadedness for just a few seconds, leaving users still sober enough to pass a breathalyzer test afterward. Due in the US sometime this summer, Wahh—perhaps named for the sound users make after trying it—was invented by Harvard professor David Edwards, who also created inhalable caffeine and smokable chocolate. While Wahh is meant to be sprayed on food, it's inevitable that the product will be popular as a direct mouth spray. A canister costs about $26 and delivers around 25 puffs of vaporized alcohol. Each puff contains just .075 milliliters of alcohol—the equivalent of about 1/1000th of a shot of liquor—but the vapor tricks your brain into thinking you're inhaling a thousand droplets, rather than just one. In spite of that though, if you sprayed the entire canister in your mouth, you would still only have a small amount of alcohol in your system. "If the goal is inebriation, this is not the product to use," the company stresses on its website.

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