Al Sharpton Denies Becoming Mob Rat After Federal Drug Sting

By McCarton Ackerman 04/10/14

The Smoking Gun claims to have found surveillance video of Sharpton talking about cocaine with the FBI, which allegedly spurred his desire to inform on the mob. Sharpton has denied the allegations.


More than 30 years after it happened, a new report has surfaced claiming that Rev. Al Sharpton became a mob rat in order to save himself from a federal drug sting.

The Smoking Gun has allegedly found a surveillance video showing the civil rights activist-turned-MSNBC analyst discussing cocaine with an undercover agent, which FBI agents used to confront him. After being pressured to cooperate with authorities, Sharpton began hobnobbing with crime families as “CI-7,” digging up dirt for several years and becoming a “very reliable informant.”

Sources and court documents stated that his main job was informing on the Genovese crime families and helping bring down numerous members by “playing dumb,” including Venero “Benny Eggs” Mangano and Dominick “Baldy Com” Canterino. But while the Reverend has never denied cooperating with the feds, he refuted claims that he was a paid snitch and carried a briefcase with a listening device, as the Smoking Gun report alleged. Sharpton also claimed that he began working with the FBI after being threatened by a mobster while working with black concert promoters.

“It’s crazy. If I provided all the information they claimed I provided, I should be given a ticker-tape parade. What did Al Sharpton do wrong? Eliot Spitzer did do something wrong and he got a TV show,” said Sharpton. “I was not and am not a rat. I know I was threatened [by mobbed-up entertainment figures]. I did what anybody would do that is respected...I cooperated. You had two options: Get killed by the mob...or get killed for trying to get them out of your community.”

The FBI has declined to comment on the matter and the controversy won’t stop Barack Obama from delivering the keynote address this Friday at Sharpton's National Action Network foundation convention in New York City.

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