Afroman Gets Burned

By Donel DeFreese 04/28/11

Marijuana minstrel Afroman evidently forgot to show up for the concert—his own. Stoner move!

Afroman studies the calendar.
Photo via frontrowking

We like to keep you up to date on the world of stoner troubadors, like our post about Wiz Khalifa on April 20. And now, the ugly comedown after the party: Afroman, a rapper famous for his hit, “Because I Got High,” can add a new line to his Grammy nominated anthem: “Got sued on 420, because…” In a lawsuit appropriately filed on what should have been his celebration day, the rapper, born Joseph Edgar Foreman, found out he was being sued for allegedly failing to appear at an April 9 concert scheduled for the Patio at the Continent in Columbus, Ohio, thereby deeply disappointing hundreds and hundreds of Afrofans.  

“We set a date and signed a contract. I even sent the deposit to Afroman himself, right away. They must have just forgotten about our show,” said Nathan Pettry, a concert promoter working with The Patio. That would explain it: He forgot. Matt Crumpton, one of the plaintiffs' attorneys, said “I understand the significance of the date. I went to college, but I'm not part of that culture… But we thought, if we were going to file it in the next few days, we might as well do it on the 20th.” Great exposure for his law firm, maybe not so great for the artist in question. But they say any press is good press, and it appears Afroman is booked solid for next month, according to his website. Afroman has released 12 albums—almost all of which have a common theme, not to say an obsession, centering on cannabis. Albums include "Sell Your Dope," "4RO:20," "Drunk 'n' High" and "Waiting to Inhale." Perhaps the next album Afroman drops will be called “Forgetting to Show Up.”

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