Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions? - Page 6

By Chris Bisogni 04/08/14

The word "addiction" gets thrown around a lot these days—anything from sex to eating dirt—but what's the difference between an actual addiction and a compulsive behavior?

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The term “pathological liar” is often used when referring to someone whose reputation or behavior is being questioned. There have been movies made about it and jokes told relating to it. The reality is you cannot, by definition, be “addicted” to lying. You can be good at it, and get away with it often, but the rewards for such actions belie human nature. Verdict: Compulsive behavior


They say heroin addicts are forever chasing the high they get from that very first hit, and the same can be said for regular gamblers, who are forever chasing the high they get from the huge windfall. Gambling could be considered an addiction when it affects your every day life, your bank balance, and your livelihood. The house always wins. Verdict: Addiction

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