Are These Fifteen Behaviors Addictions or Compulsions? - Page 4

By Chris Bisogni 04/08/14

The word "addiction" gets thrown around a lot these days—anything from sex to eating dirt—but what's the difference between an actual addiction and a compulsive behavior?

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Cosmetic surgery

In many ways the means to the end is similar to tattooing. Though the mass media often makes light of those who regularly “go under the knife”, and the celebrity tendency towards surgical enhancement glamorizes cosmetic surgery, there is clear evidence to suggest the behavior is linked to negative body image, which in extreme cases is known as body dysmorphic disorder. Verdict: Addiction


Hoarding can be done by accumulating a variety of seemingly useless matter, or can be the result of collecting specific items, such as newspapers, magazines or teacups. Whatever is being collected (and not thrown out) is not the result of any reward, as the motivation for hoarding may well stem from an anomaly in the brain or a past experience. Verdict: Compulsive behavior

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