New TV Documentary Series Seeks Addicts

By Bryan Le 04/10/12

A production company is offering free rehab for featured crystal meth, alcohol, heroin and crack addicts.

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A TV production company is seeking families with a member suffering from crystal meth, heroin, alcohol or crack cocaine addiction—and offering free rehab for chosen participants. Last year Pioneer Productions produced shows for National Geographic and the BBC on how cannabis, ecstasy and cocaine affects the human body, using computer-generated imagery to help viewers get into users' head and learn about the effects of drugs. This year a documentary series for a major US network is planned, focusing not only on the individual effects of drugs but on how addicts' loved ones are affected too. Each episode will spotlight a different addiction and feature two families. "We want to make a truly honest and open documentary—focused on real people," says the company. "We're looking for families that have a loved one addicted to one of these substances that would be willing to be open and honest on camera." They claim their crew will be sensitive to volunteers' needs and focused on keeping featured families comfortable and happy with the filming. Their last series is already being used educationally in schools, and they hope the same can happen with this one. Anyone interested can email [email protected].

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