Addicted To Your Smartphone? Try A Digital Detox

By Brent McCluskey 02/23/15

A vast majority are aware of their addiction, but feel unable to do anything about it.

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We live in a world where little, glowing screens provide us with virtually limitless information. For many, smartphones are an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family or squeeze in that last email on the train ride home from work. But for those who addictively check their tiny tech, a digital detox may be just the thing to reconnect to the real world.

While it may sound a bit far fetched, smartphone addiction is a real condition that can lead to mounting stress and can even harm one’s health. Sue Ratcliffe, spokesperson at alldayPA, a company that takes over your digital life for a small fee, says a digital detox is the best to way cure the addiction.

“Digital Detox is the answer,” said Ratcliffe. “It will break the cycle of dependency, allowing even the busiest person to leave the mobile behind and focus on the task at hand or even enjoy a restful, communication-free break without worrying about missed calls or messages.”

Reuben Singh, from alldayPA, says most people who obsessively check their smartphones are aware of their addiction, yet are unable to do anything to stop the problem.

“A survey we did recently showed that 70% of people who have a smartphone actually say they use it for an unhealthy number of hours a day so they are aware that it is getting to an obsession,” said Singh. “And then 63% of those people who use the smartphone and know it is unhealthy are saying they know what the cure is: ‘If we just had somebody to manage it for us.’”

As the rate of technology increases almost logarithmically we will continue to be inundated with cutting-edge devices, which will bring with them an even greater temptation for those with a digital addiction. If you find yourself unable to turn off your device or not check social media, maybe a digital detox will help get you back on track.

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