Addicted to Your Phone? There's (Another) App for That

By Paul Gaita 09/18/14

Checky is designed to keep users constantly aware of how often and even why they're always checking their phones.

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According to a recent study, the average person checks their cellular phone every six-and-a-half minutes. That’s approximately 150 times over the course of the 16 waking hours each day, which has underscored the possibility that people do become addicted to their phones. But a new company called Calm has stepped in with a phone app to combat the growing problem of phone addiction.

Unlike Pause, which challenges users to stay off their phones, Checky is designed to make the user aware of how often they are using their phones by showing the number of times they check their phones while also breaking down how the phone was used during that time period.

As TechCrunch noted, the app is not dissimilar to Moment, which also tracks time spent each day on a phone. The difference is that while Moment bases its information on the number of minutes spent on the phone, Checky measures the number of times the phone is accessed by the user, either for quick email checks or lengthy internet visits.

Calm founder Alex Tew is an enthusiastic proponent of his own product, as it appears to help curb his own phone addiction. “Most days I check my phone over 100 times,” he said. “Today I’m at 76, so far. Having this new awareness makes it easier to control my phone usage.”

And if Checky doesn’t quite quell the habit, it also conveniently provides the user with an advertisement through which they can access Calm’s other app, also called Calm, which provides relaxation and meditation tools.

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