‘True Blood’ Star Stephen Moyer Opens Up About Alcohol Addiction

By Brent McCluskey 03/05/15

Moyer joins True Blood co-stars Chris Bauer and Joe Manganiello in talking about sobriety.

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin

True Blood star Stephen Moyer is used to talking about sucking down a certain crimson liquid, but the actor recently opened up about his past struggles with alcohol. 

During a panel for Santa Monica’s CLARE Foundation, a Los Angeles-based treatment center, 45-year-old Moyer focused on his 14 years of sobriety. He’s finally been sober long enough that when he goes out to local restaurants, the waiters don’t even offer him alcohol.

“As my wife said this morning, there isn’t a restaurant in Venice or Santa Monica where I would be offered the wine menu,” Moyer said. “The Diet Coke, which is the patron saint of drinks for alcoholics, gets put before me before anyone even asks what we’re drinking.”

Moyer said his alcoholic behavior was a byproduct of his British theater days and was an attempt to emulate his public heroes.

“There’s this rush that happens from doing our job, this whirring buzz, and you want to continue that buzz,” Moyer said. “Self-loathing motivates the desire to get loaded in the first place, and post-sobriety, there is the shame of admitting all of your [faults],” Moyer said. “It’s about education. And it’s about getting rid of that shame.”

After being sober for nearly a decade, Moyer began working with CLARE. He chose to contribute to the non-profit organization because of their affordability. 

While those close to Moyer already knew about his struggle with alcohol, this is the first time the actor has spoken about it publicly.

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