Comedian Artie Lange On the Road to Recovery After Arrest

By Bryan Le 01/15/18

The comedian announced to his fans on Twitter that he is now one month sober.

Artie Lange at the "Crashing" HBO Premiere Screening at the Avalon Hollywood on February 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, CA
Lange is voluntarily checking in to rehab to make good on his recovery promises.

Artie Lange is back in recovery after pleading guilty to possession of heroin last December. The comedian announced his one month of sobriety to his followers on Twitter.

“I’m back guys. Clean & Sober 32 days. One day at a time,” he said.

He thanked his fans for sticking with him as he works through his substance use disorder. “I love you all for not forgetting me. To the ones who did. I’m so sorry. I’m a junky. But a recovering one right now,” he wrote. “I’m gonna stop by the AA show Monday. After AA. I am not sure they’ll have me back. But I f— up. Keith and Anthony are my brothers.”

Lange was arrested last month for failing to appear for a court date related to a drug arrest last May. He later pled guilty of possession of 81 small bags of heroin.

The comedian has long struggled with substance use disorder. When he worked on The Howard Stern Show, his drug use got to the point where he would frequently fall asleep on air or scream at guests. Then, in 2010, Lange attempted to commit suicide.

“The suicide attempt purely came from not being able to live like that anymore. Getting arrested and risking your life and your health every day to score drugs, you can’t go on living like that,” he told The Fix. “ It was just too sad and too frustrating for me.”

After eight months of psychiatric wards and rehabs, he had a years-long sober streak.

Despite this arrest, Lange wants his fans to know he is not giving up.

“No matter what I promise u guys if get knocked down on the canvas I will always get up,” he tweeted. “Especially now cause Dan Falato’s helping me get up. U will hear from us soon. Peace.”

He has backed up his words with actions. While Lange’s lawyers did cut a deal to drop his cocaine possession charges in return for pleading guilty to the heroin possession, he said he is planning to check into a rehab facility despite it not being required by the terms of his deal.

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