Chyna Reportedly Slated To Appear On 'Intervention' Before Her Death

By McCarton Ackerman 04/27/16

Chyna's manager has opened up about the former pro-wrestler's possible relapse and the upcoming documentary about her life. 

Chyna Doll Reportedly Slated To Appear On 'Intervention' Before Her Death
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Chyna was scheduled to appear on the A&E show Intervention just days before her untimely passing, but the plans to document her recovery tragically came too late, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Anthony Anzaldo, the manager of the former WWE wrestler, had inked a deal with the show's producers within a week of her death on April 20. "An interventionist was already lined up as was a facility that was going to take her for 90 days," Anzaldo told TMZ. The episode was supposed to feature Chyna's former WWE colleagues, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mick Foley (aka Mankind). Anzaldo defended the decision to document her recovery on reality television, saying Intervention is a "machine" already equipped with the tools to help her recover. He told ET that they were going to document her intervention regardless, as they were in the middle of filming a documentary on her life, The Reconstruction of Chyna, which is set to be released sometime next year.

However, the documentary may have triggered her relapse, Anzaldo told ET. She had been working with a therapist, discussing her addiction history and reconnecting with estranged family members, which he believes ultimately contributed to her abusing prescription medication. "She was delving into these issues for the first time and it was hard on her," he explained. "Chyna was getting back in with her family, and it was a lot. Stability just got away from her." Anzaldo says he begged Chyna to get under control, and that she was aware she had a problem just weeks ago.

Anzaldo was the one who found the wrestler unresponsive in her Redondo Beach home. Given her history of drug abuse, her death is being investigated as a possible overdose. Although prescription bottles were found in her home, there were no illegal substances or any sign of foul play, TMZ reported.

As recently as last year, Chyna continued to deny that she had a drug problem. When she was confronted about her denial by her ex-fiancé, Sean Waltman, during a June 2015 radio interview on the Opie and Jim show, she stopped short of admitting she had a problem. "Here's the thing, I was in Hollywood, I drank, I got messed up, I did coke," she said. "It was part of experimentation. When I was with the girls I did a little bit."

For now, a memorial service is being planned to celebrate the life of Chyna. 

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