Chief Wana Dubie Eyes U.S. Senate Seat, Is Deliciously Insane

By McCarton Ackerman 10/13/15

The Independent candidate will face off against his nemesis, current Sen. Roy Blunt.

Chief Wana Dubie
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This is not a story from The Onion. A political activist from Missouri who identifies as Chief Wana Dubie is running for the U.S. Senate in 2016.

His opponent? Republican Senator Roy Blunt.

“It’s going to be Dubie versus Blunt in 2016,” said Dubie to a crowd of 100 curious onlookers at the Dent County Courthouse in Salem over the summer. “Senator Blunt better get ready because I am going to smoke the competition.” Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has announced he will be seeking the seat on behalf of the Democrats.

With a pot-leaf tattoo that covers most of his forehead and a beard that nearly touches his chest, Dubie hardly looks like a viable political candidate. But having hired Jeff Murray to act as his campaign manager for his current bid and actively looking for volunteers to serve on his campaign committee, he is hoping to put the pieces in place for a successful run.

Of course, Dubie will be running the race as an Independent. He previously sought support from the Libertarian Party during an unsuccessful 2006 run to become the Missouri State Representative in Jefferson City, but the party ended up declining his $200 filing fee. The only other time Missouri Libertarians declined a filing fee was when white supremacist Glenn Miller tried to run for Congress in 2006.

“[Dubie is] not how we want the Libertarian Party to be represented to people who don’t know the party’s platform,” said Greg Tlapek, executive director of Missouri’s Libertarian Party. “In 2006, he was the one Libertarian candidate that got front-page coverage in the Post-Dispatch. It sucks. It blows. It’s all about what the media choose to cover and we get screwed by the occasional weird candidate.”

He ended up running independently and receiving 4.5% of the total vote. Perhaps surprisingly, that was more successful than his 1994 bid for the Missouri House of Representatives in the 112th District. Running under his given name, Joseph Bickell, he received just 1.8% of the vote.

That same year, Dubie was arrested after planting 135 marijuana plants in the front yard of his home and then “seceded from the United States and declared pot legal.” State police quickly got him back onto U.S. soil and he received a five-year prison sentence.

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