Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre

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Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre offers highly individualized residential treatment to adult men and women in Spain.

Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre
Location : Ctra. Casabermeja 8km Colmenar 29170 Malaga, Spain
Phone : +34 952 730 658
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Introduction and Basic Services

Founded in 2005, Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre is a luxury rehab set in the hills of Malaga National Park near the town of Colmenar in the Southern Coastal region of Spain. The organization provides substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis support for both men and women in one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Europe. Clients here can expect a well balanced treatment approach that includes clinical, evidence-based approaches as well as plenty of recreation and experiential therapy.

Facility and Meals

The treatment center is set in the style of a grand Spanish castle with the living quarters and treatment rooms on the ground floor with the bedrooms on the upper floor. All bedrooms are private single rooms with each client having their own double bed and private bathroom. The upper rooms overlook the beautiful hills of the Malaga countryside and feature interior décor of a calming, neutral palette.

Chance 2 Change also has an on-site trainer and gym for clients in need of physical therapy and exercise. The trainer creates an individualized exercise routine according to needs and abilities of each client.

The organization has an in-house professional chef who prepares three meals a day. All are served in the dining room where staff and clients eat together. The variety of meals includes fresh fruits and other organic fresh produce from the nearby farms. Coffee and tea are also served throughout the day.

Treatment Protocol and Team

When clients enter treatment at Chance 2 Change, they undergo a thorough medical and psychiatric evaluation. The medical team assesses the type of addiction, history of mental health and the physical condition of the client before crafting an individualized treatment program.

Detox is provided after medical evaluation if clients are undergoing withdrawal symptoms. The detox is done in-house and under very close supervision by the organization’s head psychiatrist and supporting nurses. Clients are allowed to have the detox in their private rooms. Although the length of the detox varies based on the needs of the client, most clients are in detox for five to seven days.

Chance 2 Change’s residential treatment program is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and lasts as long or short as the client needs. The treatment consists of both group and individual therapy.

A variety of therapy methods are used in Chance 2 Change’s treatment including CBT and trauma-informed care. Although the organization does not use the 12 steps, Chance 2 Change offers holistic therapy as an alternative to the conventional 12-step program that includes a mix of conventional therapy methods as well as mind-spirituality techniques like meditation and yoga.

Chance 2 Change is also dual diagnosis and offers mental health counseling services for clients with potential co-occurring disorders.

The organization has a staff of six that includes a CADC, a psychologist, a psychiatric nurse and an addiction specialist. There is also a fitness trainer and a yoga instructor as well as a professional artist on staff who leads artistic therapy sessions. Chance 2 Change also employees a team of support staff that provides 24 hour care.

Bonus Amenities

Clients at Chance 2 Change engage in a great deal of recreational activities including badminton and circuit training, as well as hiking and biking in the surrounding hills.

The counselors also use art therapy to help clients manage and express their emotions and feelings. Mindfulness is also taught so that clients are able to cope better with stressing thoughts. Clients also engage in yoga and meditation lessons as skills in stress management and relaxation techniques.

The organization also offers sober living for clients who have completed Chance 2 Change’s residential program and are looking to step down into a highly structured living environment. Not only do clients continue to receive substance abuse treatment from Chance 2 Change’s counselors, but they also learn life skills such as cooking, nutrition and how to maintain a budget. Clients have the option of staying at the sober living housing for up to three to six months and are regularly breathalyzed and drug tested during their stay. Chance 2 Change also encourages clients in the sober living houses to mentor other residential clients.


Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre offers highly individualized residential treatment to adult men and women in Spain. The integration of holistic methods and art therapy provides clients with alternative treatment methods that can be used to meet their needs in combination with the clinical care.. The focus on recreational activities allows clients to develop a healthy lifestyle while still in treatment. Also, the medical detox program offers a high level of support when undergoing withdrawal symptoms. For those looking to recover in a remote, scenic location far from the realities of their active addiction, Chance 2 Change is a solid option.

Chance 2 Change Treatment Centre

Ctra. Casabermeja 8km

Colmenar 29170

Malaga, Spain

+34 952 730 658

[email protected]

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