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CBS Sitcom 'Mom' Addresses Tween Drug Use

By Kelly Burch 11/21/16

In last week’s episode, the main character discovers that her 12-year-old has tried pot.

CBS Comedy'Mom' Addresses Tween Drug Use
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It’s the moment that every parent dreads—when they find out that their child has tried drugs for the first time. But CBS’s sitcom Mom bravely tackled the topic last week when the main character found out that her young son has tried marijuana. 

“It’s tough to think of your kids being exposed to drugs at such a young age now,” Anna Faris, who plays Christy on the show, told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. “I have a son who’s four, and it’s just like, no, no, this isn’t happening, he’s too little, he’s too young!”

On the show, the conversation about drugs is particularly nuanced because Christy and her own mother, Bonnie, are in recovery. The show has addressed many addiction issues including relapse and overdose, but this was the first time that drug use among kids was brought up. 

Faris said the episode sparked an interesting conversation among the show’s cast and crew about when they first encountered drugs. Many realized that they weren’t much older than Roscoe, Christy’s preteen son on Mom

“So yeah, it was kind of traumatic,” she said. “It feels so truthful, how terrified and anxious Christy is with the idea of her son at such a young age experimenting with drugs.”

Roscoe is played by Blake Garrett Rosenthal, who is 12. When the script was released, Faris said that she talked to Rosenthal’s mother to get her reaction to the storyline. 

“And she said, you know, what was terrifying was how much he already knew about the subject matter. She was like, ‘So do you know what weed is?’ And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, Mom ... It was jarring,” said Faris.

The show’s storyline was true to the awkwardness of talking about drug use in real life. When he is confronted, Roscoe can’t explain to his mother why he experimented, and the episode also does not reach a clear resolution. 

“I have no idea what they have in store with us, but, you know, I love it that the show addresses that some people are very much addicts,” Faris said. “We don’t know that Roscoe won’t be. He could very well be one of us, and I think that’s just terrifying for any parent.”

In February, the cast members on Mom worked with Surgeon General Vivek Murthy for a PSA about opiate addiction

“We are proud to have worked with the U.S. Surgeon General on this PSA, and hope it provides help to all those suffering from addiction,” said the show’s executive producer, Chuck Lorre.

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