Cali Mom Denies Planting Drugs In PTA President’s Car On Dr. Phil

By Victoria Kim 05/20/16

Despite receiving a jail sentence and being assessed $5.7 million in damages, Everhart continues to deny any wrongdoing in the debacle.

Cali Mom Denies Planting Drugs In PTA President’s Car On Dr. Phil
Jill Easter aka Ava Everhart Photo via Dr. Phil/YouTube

It’s been years since Jill Easter went to jail for planting drugs in the car of the PTA president at her son’s school, but she’s still convinced—or just trying to convince everyone else—that she didn’t do it.

In a new interview with Dr. Phil, Easter, who now goes by Ava Everhart, denied planting the drugs or even having anything to do with the scheme. 

Everhart pleaded guilty in 2013 to framing Kelli Peters, who she had been feuding with since 2010. Everhart and her husband, Kent, both got jail time for planting pills and a bag of cannabis in Peters’ car. 

In addition to other damning evidence, investigators found the couple’s DNA on the drugs. But Everhart maintains her innocence. “That is transfer DNA,” she told Dr. Phil in the interview that aired Wednesday. “It doesn’t mean that I touched those items.”

Dr. Phil wasn’t buying it: “Transfer or otherwise, how did your DNA get on pills planted in the car of someone you’re in a controversy with about your son at school? Isn’t that a huge coincidence?” 

Everhart repeated her transfer DNA defense. “It doesn’t mean that I touched those items.”

Peters wasn’t buying it either. The Irvine mom told Dr. Phil in a separate interview that Everhart is “nuts” and assuredly evil. “What she did ruined my life,” said Peters. “So for her to just sit there and say, I didn’t do anything…”

It all began in 2010. Everhart was waiting to pick up her 6-year-old son from school, who was a no-show. Peters, who was PTA president at the Plaza Vista School in Irvine at the time, told Everhart that he was “slow” to get out, which the mom took as an insult to her son’s intelligence.

Since then, Everhart launched a campaign to have Peters banned from volunteering at the school. “She just went after me full force,” Peters told Dr. Phil. “That was the beginning of five years of torture.”

Ultimately, after all else failed, Everhart and her husband planted cannabis and prescription drugs in Peters’ car and called in a tip to the police. Long story short, Peters was found innocent, and the couple was sentenced to two to three months behind bars. In February, Peters was awarded $5.7 million in damages for the debacle. 

After hearing Everhart deny that she harassed and framed Peters, the former PTA president said she was speechless. “She needs to own it, man,” she said. “She got busted!”

Everhart discusses the allegations with Dr. Phil in the clip below:

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