Butterfingered Suspect Drops Bag Of Coke In Front Of Judge

By Keri Blakinger 05/02/17

He came to court for a parking ticket and accidentally picked up a felony charge.

Lemar Reed talking to the judge inside the Lorain Municipal Court.
Moments before Lemar Reed dropped a baggie of coke inside the Lorain Municipal Court. Photo via YouTube

Um, oops? 

An Ohio man appearing in court for a minor traffic violation picked up a felony charge when he allegedly dropped a bag of blow on the ground, according to authorities. 

Lemar Reed showed up to Lorain Municipal Court on April 20, and respectfully took his hat off in front of the judge in charge of his traffic ticket. But as the 39-year-old man stood before the judge, a little baggie popped out of his hat and plopped onto the floor in front of him. 

Reed didn’t notice, and neither did the court staff or judge—at least not right away. But about an hour later, a courtroom security officer spotted the stray baggie. 

“He picked it up, looked at it, and saw a white powdery substance,” Judge Mark Mihok told FOX. “We had it field tested by the Lorain Police Department and it tested positive for cocaine." 

At first, it wasn’t clear who the lost bag belonged to, but after Mihok’s staff reviewed security footage, they said they spotted Reed’s unwitting drop. The bag only contained less than a gram of cocaine, but it was still enough for a felony charge, according to the Morning Journal.

As Reed had already left the courtroom, a warrant was put out for his arrest. "He was only here for a traffic ticket. He made a simple traffic ticket with only the penalty of a fine into a felony. So, not a good day for him," Mihok said.

In February, police in Allentown, Pennsylvania arrested and Tasered a man allegedly spotted smoking drugs in front of a cop at a bus stop. 

An officer was responding to a report of a reckless driver when he thought he saw a man smoking something suspicious. Police did not specify what the man was smoking, but when the suspected smoker made a mad dash, the officer shot him with a Taser and found drugs on him. 

“I'm told that he had a variety of illegal drugs on him,” Captain Bill Lake told the Morning Call. “The officer saw him smoking a substance that appeared to be an illegal drug and it turned out it was.”

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