The Book of Tater Volume 2 Part 3

By Todd Vogel 05/02/17

Making your own higher power - a fictional case study presented as a serialized graphic novel.


NSFW: The following post contains graphic language and allusions to sexual activity.

In volume 2, part 3 of The Book of Tater, Tater meets Madison...

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A note from the author:

I am Todd, an alcoholic and more. I have been in recovery since 1987. Back then, I, like many newcomers, gnashed and recoiled from the "God stuff" in AA. Eventually, I found my answer but not before considerable froth had crossed my lips.

I hope you're enjoying The Book of Tater. I am not sure this story will ever end as the various characters in the story are each, in their own ways interesting - and, in the context of recovery where interesting people abound, plausible. It is also bizarre and demonstrates that creativity can thrive without a drunken muse.

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Todd Vogel is the author of an illustrated series, entitled, The Book of Tater. He lives in the woods.