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Stephanie Schilling

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Stephanie Schilling is a freethinker, a dreamer, and an aspiring writer. Most times, you can find her humming a tune, singing a random song, or drumming along to the beat of feel good music. Anyone that knows her knows she seemingly couldn’t live without music. She’s passionate about life and helping others, and she continues to strive for balance and happiness in her own life. She would love to see the day the silence has ended, and the stigma has been broken on alcoholism and addiction. She’s been clean and sober since December 31, 2011, and is grateful to give back what was so freely given to her. She truly believes the best has yet to come, and awakes with gratitude for each new day she’s blessed with. She lives for adventure and new experiences, and enjoys running in the open outdoors, smelling the wild air, and chases the rapids on the river while whitewater kayaking. You can find Stephanie on Linkedin. She blogs at Addiction Unscripted.

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