Alex Catarinella

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Alex Catarinella is a New York City-based writer. Music, fashion, travel, the occasional Britney Spears-related think piece, etc. It's all happening. He also loves a press trip. Maybe you've noticed Alex's byline over the years in, to name a few/a lot, The CutVogueELLEi-DDazed & ConfusedNylonPaperVViceGaloreMTVWonderlandFashionista, and, RIP, His personal career highlights involve interviewing many an icon, like Patti Smith, Courtney Love, and Ginger/Sporty/Scary Spice. He sometimes writes (see also: over-shares) about his lunatical life, as detailed in Fashion Weak, a five-part series of salacious/spiritual/sad essays published on Dazed & Confused. Follow Alex on Twitter or LinkedIn.