Beacon Health Options Behavioral Health Coverage Guide

By The Fix staff 05/11/19

If you're looking into the Beacon Health Options network for alcohol treatment, our guide can help.

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Table of Contents

1. Pros and Cons of Beacon Health Options Health Insurance
2. Beacon Health Options Alcohol Abuse Care
3. Beacon Health Options Substance Abuse Coverage
4. Beacon Health Options Mental Health Providers
5. Using Beacon Health Options in Network Mental Health Emergency Services
6. Behavioral Health Inpatient and Outpatient Services
7. Does Beacon Health Options Cover Substance Abuse Treatment Aftercare?
8. Choosing Beacon Health Options in Network Providers
9. Types of Behavioral Health Services Beacon May Not Cover
10. How to Find Beacon Health Options Alcohol Rehab Centers and Mental Health Services

Beacon Health Options, which used to be known as Value Options, is a company devoted to good mental and behavioral health. The Beacon network is made up of facilities, physicians, nurses, patient advocates, and other professionals who help meet the social, behavioral, and emotional needs of individuals and employees in large companies.

The Beacon insurance plans for mental and behavioral health include coverage for alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, rehab, and other behavioral health treatments. Because mental health issues are sometimes emergencies, the plans also cover these situations, when emergency room treatment or out-of-network providers are needed.

Pros and Cons of Beacon Health Options Health Insurance

One of the best things about Beacon Health is that it provides coverage for a variety of behavioral health needs. Many other insurance programs make mental illness, addiction, and behavioral conditions secondary to physical health. If you have struggled to get covered for behavioral health, this is a great company that will better meet your needs.

Another pro of working with Beacon Health Options PPO and other coverage plans is that you get access to useful online tools and resources. These include things like educational materials about opioid addiction and overdose, depression treatment, ADHD, and suicide. You can also use Beacon’s guides for reducing alcohol consumption, identifying mental health warning signs, Beacon Health strategies for managing stress, and integrated care.

Beacon also has a unique feature that is beneficial in a variety of situations. This is coverage for so-called surprise bills. If your Beacon Health Options substance abuse care was administered by an out-of-network provider, but you either had no choice or had not been fairly informed of the provider’s network status, you may get coverage for the surprise bill you get as a result.

If there are any cons to using Beacon Health insurance, it is that this company focuses on behavioral, not physical, health. So you may need this plan as well as another health insurance plan to cover all your behavioral and physical health needs.

Beacon Health Options Alcohol Abuse Care

Beacon Health Options alcohol abuse coverage includes top-notch treatment with in-network providers. You should be able to find the right treatment plan for your needs within the network. Make sure you understand your plan’s coverage and options so that you don’t end up being responsible for more than you can afford.

Treatment options for alcohol abuse include rehab, the traditional residential style of treatment, as well as outpatient services, intensive outpatient programs, and regular addiction counseling and therapy. Keep in mind that many of Beacon’s plans are offered to you in conjunction with other insurance companies. This can influence coverage.

Beacon Health Options Substance Abuse Coverage

Beacon health options drug addiction and substance abuse providers are among the best at what they do. The Beacon network includes addiction experts, rehab facilities, outpatient treatment plans and therapists, and inpatient services. Getting treatment for substance abuse and addiction is important, so don’t let questions about insurance and coverage hold you back. Contact Beacon to find out what exactly is covered with your plan and where you can go immediately for good in-network care.

Beacon Health Options Mental Health Providers

Behavioral health is the focus of Beacon Health insurance, and this includes the treatment of mental illnesses. For example, Beacon Health Options depression care may include prescription coverage for antidepressants, the costs of ongoing therapy, or possibly even a stay at a residential rehab facility or hospitalization in a mental health crisis. What coverage you can expect for mental and behavioral health depends on your plan.

Using Beacon Health Options in Network Mental Health Emergency Services

A mental illness, or a substance use disorder or behavioral condition, can cause emergency situations. You may have a mental health crisis or overdose on a drug and need emergency care to be stabilized. Beacon Health’s network providers offer 24-hour access to clinical staff that can help you right away. They can provide guidance, advice, mental health care, medical care, and can direct you to the nearest emergency room.

Beacon defines an emergency as a situation in which you are in extreme danger, you could be severely impaired, you could have serious dysfunction of an organ, or you could be severely disfigured. Your plan should include emergency services as long as is administered by Beacon and has a provider network feature. Your cost for emergency services through an out-of-network provider should not be higher than they would be if you had been able to get to someone in the network for care.

Behavioral Health Inpatient and Outpatient Services

When you’re struggling with a behavioral health issue, such as addiction or a mental illness, you will need to choose between receiving inpatient and outpatient care. One important consideration should be the coverage in your Beacon Health Options plan. Read your plan carefully and call if you have questions regarding cost sharing and coverage before making this important choice.

Generally, if you have a Beacon plan you can get coverage for inpatient rehab through an in-network facility. This kind of care may include drug detox treatment, medication or medical care if appropriate, and assessment and screening, therapy, and support services for alcohol or drug recovery.

The same is true of outpatient services. If you choose providers from within the network, your treatment should be covered. Outpatient services allow you to stay at home while receiving treatment. Treatment may include medical care, medications, therapy, and counseling.

Does Beacon Health Options Cover Substance Abuse Treatment Aftercare?

If you choose an inpatient treatment facility for substance abuse, alcohol addiction, or even a severe mental illness, you should ask about aftercare. Aftercare services are any additional services that you may receive as you transition from rehab to your home. This can be a tough transition to make, and can lead to relapses if not handled well.

Aftercare may include ongoing outpatient therapy, substance abuse counseling, group and family therapy, and other services. Check with Beacon Health to find out if your insurance plan will cover any of these important services that will help you get back on your feet.

Choosing Beacon Health Options in Network Providers

Beacon is comprised of more than one network of behavioral healthcare providers. Be sure that you understand your plan and know how to determine if a physician or other health professional is in your particular network. Beacon includes many great providers for treating alcohol addiction, substance abuse, and mental illnesses. You should be able to find an alcohol rehab or outpatient provider that can help you.

If you choose a provider for care that is outside the Beacon network, you could be responsible for additional costs. This is known as cost-sharing. Your plan may cover some of the cost of that out-of-network treatment, but the rest will be up to you to pay. How much, if any, is covered depends on your particular plan and network.

Types of Behavioral Health Services Beacon May Not Cover

Even if you have the best level of Beacon behavioral health rehab coverage, you may find that there are some services that are not covered. Any of these services or types of treatments that you feel is important for your well-being will have to be paid for out-of-pocket. Your plan will outline what is covered and give you an idea of what is not, but the best way to know for sure before you book the treatment is to call and ask.

Some examples of things that are not likely to be covered by Beacon Health Options are luxury rehabs. These are considered to be beyond what you truly need for good behavioral health. You may also expect to have to pay for your own private room or any luxury, or extra, services in rehab. These could be things like salon services, massage, or exercise classes. Just because they are not likely to be covered does not mean these services aren’t good for you. You can always call and find out if something you think would help falls within your plan’s coverage.

How to Find Beacon Health Options Alcohol Rehab Centers and Mental Health Services

To use your Beacon health insurance to your greatest advantage, know your plan. Read it thoroughly and call the company if you still have questions about what is covered and the services you can receive at no cost or with a co-pay. With that information you will be ready to make better choices about the treatment you receive for alcohol addiction, mental illness, and substance use disorders.

Start by searching the in-network options. You should be able to access a Beacon Health Options mental health professionals list to help with your search. Decide if you want inpatient or outpatient care, and narrow down your options. Consider practical factors like any cost-sharing responsibilities you’ll have with a particular provider or service and the location. Then you can narrow your list down further by considering the exact kind of treatment you need and the providers you prefer.

Beacon Health Options behavioral health coverage is an important tool for your overall wellness. The more you understand your plan, the better you will be able to make good choice for your mental health needs. Rely on in-network providers when possible and get the treatment you need without worrying about costs.

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