Authentic Recovery Center (ARC)

By The Fix staff 06/13/19

Luxury rehab at an affordable price.

Authentic Recovery Center (ARC)
Location : 2203 Overland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone : 877-811-8299
Price : $25,000 / month
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Authentic Recovery Center (ARC) is a co-ed facility that provides the luxury rehab experience many are looking for at a reasonable price, in a city that has become somewhat of a recovery mecca. Jon Esformes, who is in recovery himself and an active member of the Los Angeles recovery community, founded ARC 10 years ago. Esformes also spends time advocating for farm workers’ rights, and was featured in the documentary film Food Chains.

ARC’s primary focus is on treating men and women who have substance abuse issues or a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health issues. But it treats eating disorders and gambling addictions as well. ARC can provide medically assisted detox, residential treatment and outpatient care. The treatment approach is one that considers underlying mental health issues that may be leading the individual dealing with alcoholism and/or drug addiction to self-medicate.

Facility and Meals

ARC has two locations. The residential treatment facility is only about 15 miles from the beach in the West Los Angeles area. It’s a modern, high-end house so residents have a home-like environment to work on building a recovery foundation. Residents living at ARC have access to all the excitement and adventure of the city of Los Angeles with the beautiful Southern California beach a quick bus or car ride away. There is a peaceful secluded backyard area as well. The outpatient program is in the same area of Los Angeles on Santa Monica Boulevard.

The residential treatment center holds a maximum 12 people. Some of the rooms are shared, but private rooms are available. Healthy meals are prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen, and the facility can cater to special dietary needs.

Treatment Protocol and Team

ARC is a coed, 12-step based, abstinence-only facility. The length of treatment at ARC varies from person to person depending on out of pocket pay and insurance coverage. Some residents are only there to detox and may stay a week. Other residents who choose to enroll for the full residential program could stay a few months. The outpatient program is usually three to six months long. Conditions being treated are primarily substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, but process addictions such as gambling and eating disorders can also be treated.

There are approximately six case managers, seven group facilitators, seven ancillary psychiatrists and a handful of other staff members providing on-site support. With 13 staff members handling most of the client interaction the ratio of staff to clients is 13 to 12. This means residents at ARC receive ample one on one time. A program this small and intimate frequently results in clients building close bonds with one another.

ARC’s primary programs offered are residential treatment and intensive outpatient treatment. Medical detox is provided if necessary. While it is suggested that residential treatment is usually the best place to start after detox, ARC allows enrollment straight into IOP, if that is what someone is looking for.

It should be reiterated that medical detox (if necessary) is included as a part of residential treatment. ARC believes in treating the issues underlying substance abuse, and this is often a co-occurring disorder that may require mental health care. Once enrolled in the residential program a psych assessment determines the resident’s mental health needs.

While ARC is a 12-step based treatment program, other evidence-based treatment modalities are utilized. Some of the offerings during residential treatment are individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy, 12-step education, meditation techniques and physiological healing. Most of the counselors and therapists at ARC are also in recovery. This experiential approach is highly beneficial to someone seeking treatment. Many people find it easier to trust recovery professionals who have shared the same experience.

Each client has a plan tailored to their specific needs, but all residents learn about the disease model of addiction, 12-step philosophy and trigger identification. Family therapy counseling is offered to those who desire to work on rebuilding strained or damaged relationships with loved ones. Aftercare planning is discussed as a resident’s program graduation date approaches. Some of the aftercare options that may be discussed are continuing in an Intensive Outpatient Program and/or sober living. These options allow for continued care and connection with those in recovery and make the reintegration process more gradual.

Upon completion of the residential program at ARC graduates have access to a 24/7 alumni crisis support line. ARC also offers graduates the opportunity to participate in group activities during the holiday season. This is a great alumni aftercare bonus as the holidays can be a very trying period for those new to sobriety. If a graduating resident is interested in sober living options this is explored with the resident’s counselor.

Bonus Amenities

Yoga is the primary amenity offered in the residential treatment program, but the intimate home setting and the proximity to the beach are bonuses in and of themselves. The city of Los Angeles has tons of 12-step and other peer support meetings, and that alone makes ARC a desirable option. ARC offers an intimate, comfortable recovery experience that one might be hard pressed to find anywhere else for the price offered.


ARC provides top notch residential treatment in the comfort of a beautiful home environment. Having access to the adventure and eclecticism of Los Angeles with the beach only a few miles make this a very desirable treatment option. At maximum capacity the facility houses 12 residents, which makes for a more intimate residential treatment experience. Smaller environments are capable of facilitating more intensive work with therapists and counselors. A smaller more intimate rehabilitation setting can also result in residents developing closer bonds with each other. The 24/7 alumni crisis support line is another standout bonus to choosing ARC as a destination for treatment.

Authentic Recovery Center (ARC) Location

2203 Overland Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90064

(877) 811-8299

[email protected]

Authentic Recovery Center (ARC) Cost

$25,000 (30 days)

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