Artie Lange: I'm 18 Days Clean And Fighting Hard

By Bryan Le 11/26/18

Comedian Artie Lange took to Twitter to gush about his current recovery program and how many days he's been clean.

Artie Lange discussed his days clean with "The Rev" Bob Levy and Steve Trevelise
Artie Lange with "The Rev" Bob Levy and Steve Trevelise Photo via YouTube

Comedian Artie Lange stepped out of rehab to perform a show and took the time to send off a series of appreciative tweets.

The comedian tweeted Wednesday that he’s been sober for 18 days. Lange performed a show before returning to his rehab in time for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

“Guess who’s clean?!! Been clean 18 days! The rehab I’m at let me use my phone to check things. I still have more time here but I’m doing great,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m humble. Not bragging. Just feel well. Tons of work ahead. Sunrise detox in Sterling, NJ helped save my life!!! They’re great!!”

The former Howard Stern Show fixture has struggled with substance use disorder for years, but on Wednesday his treatment center allowed him to take a break from his program to perform. He gushed about his current recovery program on Twitter.

“I’m at The Retreat by Lancaster PA. This place is a Godsend! They’re not payin me. No free stay. They do it right. I’m so grateful to them. The nurses are Angels,” he tweeted. “I’m not saying I will never relapse. I pray every day!! Just happy to be alive. I ain’t checkin out yet! I love u all!”

He topped off his tweets with the serenity prayer.

“God. Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to Change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference,” he wrote on Twitter.

Lange had recently announced his intention to get clean on the Steve Trevelise Show

“I’m about to go into drug treatment and commit to a full rehab, in-patient,” he said in the interview on the show. “I don’t know. I’m a very humble guy at this point. And I think I'm ready to go and do what I gotta do. It’s been long enough.”

Soon after arriving at the rehab center after finishing his show, Lange sent out one last tweet before relinquishing his phone to thank his fans.

“On way back to rehab. Did show. Stayed clean. On way back. Another Thanksgiving inside someplace. Last one was jail. But I just killed for a huge crowd who felt like family,” his last tweet read. “I’m fighting hard. Don’t count Artie Lange out. Love u. Be back by end of month. I’m smiling. Thx”

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