How IV Amino Acid Therapy Aids in Recovery

By The Fix staff 09/11/19

IV amino acid therapy works to repair essential amino acids and vitamins that are depleted in the body due to the damage that alcohol addiction causes.

Ardú Recovery Center

Developing an addiction to alcohol usually comes as a slow burn. At first, drinking is a fun activity that doesn’t affect the body too much. After repeated use over time, the brain begins to identify alcohol as a pleasure enhancing substance, and rewires itself to crave it. This is how an addiction begins. And before you know it, it is out of hand. 

Getting help for an addiction is a service that is readily available in today's world. But just like snowflakes, no two addictions are alike. And with that, receiving the right kind of treatment for addiction is a very different experience for every person. 

Ardú Recovery Center of Northern Utah is a treatment facility that recognizes the unique and complex needs of every client that walks through their doors. And for that reason they have developed an array of addiction treatment options to accommodate their clients through comprehensive and holistic programming. 

When it comes to the complexities of alcoholism, Ardú (which is an Irish Gaelic word that means “rise up”) offers services to help ease the discomfort of the detox process, followed by a residential track with customized programming options. In conjunction with traditional treatment approaches, Ardú offers an alternative medicine therapy known as IV Amino Acid Therapy.

What Is Amino Acid Therapy? 

IV amino acid therapy works to repair essential amino acids and vitamins that are depleted in the body due to the damage that alcohol addiction causes. Ardú is the first recovery facility in Utah to offer this therapy, which is the first step in their detox process. Clients who opt to receive this treatment have two to four hour infusion sessions for up to 10 days. During this time they are relaxing in the center’s relaxing Recovery Lounge and preparing for their next step in treatment. 

Why Are Amino Acids Necessary?

Drinking alcohol in excess affects the mind and body negatively over time. Studies have shown that long term alcoholism disturbs brain function, disrupts digestion, affects the immune system and is linked to cancer. Without the body’s ability to properly absorb essential nutrients due to poor digestion, the cell structure begins to break down, which is what eventually leads to chronic illnesses, such as liver and pancreatic damage. 

Amino acids are one of the essentials that the body is robbed of if too much alcohol is in the system. There are 20 different amino acids that the body absolutely needs in order to function properly. These amino acids are broken down into categories, which are essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids, and conditionally essential amino acids. All of them are important, though the nine essential amino acids contribute to every important function in the body, including regulating brain chemistry, regenerating muscle, digestion, sexual function, energy production and healing. 

In most cases, the amino acids that a person needs to maintain health are found in foods that they eat on a daily basis. However, alcoholics often times don’t consume the proper amount of food regularly, and when they do eat, they aren’t getting the proper balance of nutrition anyway. 

What Does This Treatment Actually Do?

The IV amino acid treatment that Ardú provides is slowly administered over the course of the 10 days. During this process the amino acids are able to begin restoring the neurotransmitters in the brain, which balances the brain chemistry and restores balance. Through this process the natural endorphins are able to recalibrate in the brain, which reduces cravings, and allows organs to begin healing. 

As the body and mind start to balance out, clients are able to set themselves up to successfully detox from alcohol, and in conjunction with Ardú’s program of therapy, nutrition, stress reduction and other healing approaches, clients begin to regain their energy, feel an improvement in overall mood, and start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of addiction. 

Part of a Well-Rounded Treatment Program

With the holistic and personalized approach to addiction treatment at Ardú, clients work closely with experts in their field, and experience cutting edge treatment methods. The IV amino therapy that is offered at Ardú is one piece of the healing puzzle, and when it is combined with other traditional and alternative approaches, clients start to experience a happier, healthier and more productive existence that alcohol has prohibited for so long. 

Learn more about Ardú Recovery Center and their programming options at Reach Ardú Recovery Center by phone at 801.823.6852. Find Ardú Recovery Center on Facebook.

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