Actor Noah Centineo: Sobriety Is A "Really Beautiful Experience"

By Victoria Kim 08/27/18

"When I got totally clean, I was able to take responsibility for all my laziness, or my incompetence or not being super honest with myself."

Noah Centineo
Photo via YouTube

Actor Noah Centineo is just 22 years old, but he’s already extolling the virtues of recovery.

“I’m completely sober,” he says in a video circulating the internet, in which he appears to be interacting with fans on Instagram Live. “I’ve been totally clean since May 8th of this year, on the day before my 21st birthday.”

Centineo, who appears in the film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before—released this month on Netflix—shared that he’d been “partying quite a bit” since he was 17 prior to his decision to cut out drugs and alcohol from his life.

“I was like, wow, maybe I should take a break. So I stopped doing all that,” he said. “And I found that a lot of problems that I was having in my life slowly—they didn’t go away—they just became way more apparent to me.”

The “teen” heartthrob, who also appears as Camila Cabello’s love interest in her music video for “Havana,” quit cigarettes, cannabis, alcohol, and even got off his anxiety medication. He said that for him, sobriety offered a sense of clarity that he hadn’t had before.

“I could identify my problems and, more so, what’s causing my problems,” he said. “It was always me. When I got totally clean, I was able to take responsibility for all my laziness, or my incompetence or not being super honest with myself. So that was a really beautiful experience for me, and it still is.”

From his experience, he learned that a clear mind can help people who are struggling with something within. “If you’re going through some really tough stuff, my advice to you is to get completely clean,” he suggested. “If you drink, stop drinking. If you smoke, stop smoking. Just try it for like two months.”

He related back to his own recovery. “I made some poor decisions and hurt some people that I really loved, and I was like… do I really want to keep doing things that hurt people that I deeply care about? The answer is no, not at all.”

He continued, “And if I could stop that, if I make decisions when I’m drunk that I would never make when I’m sober, why would I drink? Especially if those decisions and actions and choices are hurting people?”

Instead, the health-conscious actor suggested replacing drugs and alcohol with healthy habits. “I replaced all my habits with working out, yoga, eating better, and spending time alone,” he said.

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