Woman has head against glass wall or window, face away, depressed, stopping psych meds
mental health
It's impossible to explain to someone who's never had suicidal thoughts what it feels like to be in a space where the only option you think you have to end your suffering is death.
By Dawn Clancy
Little Woods Film Poster, a film about family, poverty, opioids
new film
"I hadn’t set out to make a political film but my personal point of view about what’s happening right now is horrifying. I mean whatever way we’re dealing with the opiate crisis, it isn’t working."
By Dorri Olds
Young man in a field, appears full of emotion, reflecting on suicide prevention
stick around
"I know the things I want to hear when I am suicidal and I think that if my words can reach even one person in their moment of crisis, then sharing my pain was worth it.”
By Pauline Campos


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