One Hundred Small Epiphanies in One Thousand Days of Sobriety

By Kelly Fitzgerald Junco 06/15/16

99. In sobriety ordinary life becomes extraordinary.

Sober and Free

On May 7, 2016 I celebrated three continuous years of sobriety. It was three years ago that I sat in the Punta Cana Airport begging the universe for help with this drinking thing. I couldn’t do it anymore. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I chose the last option on my list, quitting alcohol and drugs altogether. To my surprise, it’s the only solution that has worked for me, and my life has been transformed ever since. I am grateful for every day of my sobriety and to celebrate, I’ve put together a list of 100 small epiphanies I’ve had in my 1,095 days of sobriety.

1. Every day I wake up is a chance to start anew.

2. Every year of sobriety is different from the last.

3. Sobriety is a way of life.

4. Every emotion is temporary.

5. Not everyone is going to like me and that’s okay.

6. I learn something new about myself everyday.

7. Sobriety isn’t a cure-all, but it helps me tackle whatever is happening in my life.

8. Living in the moment is lived meditation.

9. When I worry, it’s because I am trying to control something.

10. Self-care is the foundation of recovery.

11. It’s okay to say no, even when I feel like it’s not.

12. Triggers will always be around and will come up in the funniest of places.

13. Exercise gives me the best natural “high” I’ve ever felt.

14. I am much stronger when I have healthy coping mechanisms.

15. Nothing is ever personal, ever.

16. Everyone is doing the best they can at this very moment under their particular circumstances.

17. I am happier when I am being loving and kind to everyone, even people who have wronged me.

18. In order to forgive others, I must forgive myself first.

19. Spending time with family isn’t a chore, it’s a gift.

20. The only way to deal with pain is to go through it.

21. Religion is manmade, spirituality is innate.

22. All we have is today and this exact moment.

23. Humility is having peace in your heart.

24. Sobriety allows me to be a responsible human being.

25. Sobriety has been the key to learning who I really am.

26. I wasn’t void of morals during my drinking, I was a sick person with unhealthy coping mechanisms.

27. I am enough, I always have been.

28. Humanity as a whole could benefit from the 12 steps.

29. Remember to slow down.

30. Life does not have to be measured by chaos and drama.

31. Sometimes being happy is better than being right.

32. Focus on the reasons why you can, not the reasons why you can’t.

33. Not everything is going to go according to plan.

34. I can have a plan, but I must be ready to go with the flow.

35. Drunk dreams become less frequent, but they don’t go away.

36. The freedom I feel being sober is better than any day I was a prisoner of my disease.

37. I inspire others because I am inspired.

38. Age is just a number and I’m feeling better at 30 than at 20.

39. Sober life is the furthest thing from boring.

40. My self-worth is dependent on no man and no friendship.

41. Sobriety is the ultimate form of self-love.

42. Life still happens—good and bad.

43. I find joy in the simplest of moments.

44. Alcohol was but a symptom of my disease of more.

45. The only thing that can fill me up is my own peace and serenity.

46. Sobriety has enabled me to have every good thing in my life.

47. Everyone should feel like they can live their own truth.

48. I am not what I did, I am who I choose to become.

49. Recovery is a process, not a destination.

50. I will continue to evolve and recovery will never be over.

51. I can go to any place in the entire world and not drink.

52. I can live through any life event and not have to use a drug or pick up a drink.

53. My life is dictated by my goals and not by the next party.

54. Sharing my story is one of the most powerful things I can do.

55. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it’s wrong.

56. The best way to help someone is to be the example.

57. There is no wrong way to meditate.

58. Sobriety has enabled me to accept and give unconditional love.

59. Every sober day I’ve had has been infinitely better than any fun day drunk.

60. Waking up in the morning not hungover is still the best feeling in the world, three years later.

61. Real connection can only be made when I’m sober.

62. My intuition has become sensible and logical.

63. I am able to show up for my family and friends because of my sobriety.

64. I actually enjoy children and being an aunt.

65. My recovery is my own.

66. I am alive today because of my sobriety.

67. Everything I never wanted I have.

68. Recovery is full of necessary and interesting paradoxes.

69. I can never run away from who I am.

70. External factors will never give me the peace I want inside.

71. There are no rules to recovery, I’m learning as I go.

72. Being open and honest about my recovery has allowed me to be my most authentic self.

73. Everyone is operating from their own set of experiences.

74. I trust that the universe has my best interest at heart.

75. I don’t have to have all the answers, I only need to share my personal experience.

76. My alcohol issues have been my greatest gift.

77. Life is better when you feel everything, even hard emotions like anger and grief.

78. I’ve learned the real definition of unconditional love.

79. I can be a morning person thanks to recovery and coffee.

80. Decaf coffee is just as delicious as regular.

81. I no longer feel sorry for myself that I can no longer drink.

82. My idea of “fun” has changed, in a good way.

83. Drunk people still annoy me.

84. I still analyze whether people have drinking problems or not.

85. I know when to offer my help and when to wait to be asked.

86. I am required to think about the consequences of every action I make.

87. Going to sleep early is much more enjoyable than staying up late.

88. Every person I encounter has a lesson to teach me.

89. I wish I had the chance to go to a treatment center in early sobriety.

90. I enjoy being of service to others currently in treatment.

91. My sobriety has directly encouraged the sobriety of others.

92. I am a miracle.

93. We are all the same. I am no better than you, and you no better than me.

94. I practice my values instead of just claiming them as my own.

95. I am worthy of recovery.

96. A career isn’t just about making money.

97. I am no longer angry at people, places, and things.

98. I no longer wish that I could drink normally one day.

99. In sobriety, ordinary life becomes extraordinary.

100. I’m in love with every single moment of my sober life.

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