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It's Lonely at the Bottom

By Diannee Carden Glenn

It's easy to throw around terms like "tough love," "enabler," and "rock bottom." Living with those terms is another story. MORE  


My Year In Rehab

By Jeff Walker

I needed all the help I could get. And I got it. MORE  

on the inside

How to get High in Prison Redux

By Seth Ferranti

Because there is always another way to get high, inside or out. MORE  


Drunk Dreams

By Sophie Saint Thomas

That moment when you wake up and realize you didn't relapse after all . . .  MORE  

Sober Dating

On Being Young, Sober and Single

By Beth Leipholtz

Navigating romance without the booze. MORE  


Gender Bias in AA?

By Juliet Abram

The Fix Q&A with Stephanie Covington about women and the rooms. MORE  

true nature

The Beauty and the Horror of AA

By Dillon Murphy

I may hate it, but so far it's helped. MORE  

smoking aaces

An Addict's View of the Hypocrisy of Smoking

By Kenneth Gaughran

What's with all the smokers in AA? MORE  


Homeless, Hungry and High

By Timothy Michael Biron

A former marine turned crack addict finds himself panhandling and running from the law until a wakeup call in the back of a police cruiser. MORE  

Smug Solutions


By Sadie Long

“You have this tendency to think you are an expert about something you experience, and you think everyone else has it wrong," my friend tells me. MORE  


Scott Phillips: You Are What You—

By DSM III (g.a.e.t) AKA DJ Jack Acid

Twenty hours before he died of an overdose, my oldest friend was interviewed on the radio. This is his story. MORE  


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