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Lindsay Lohan

10/22/12 10:52am

Lohan Family at War Over LiLo Relapse Claims


Happier times: LiLo and her dad. Photo via

The other week, Lindsay Lohan disowned her father Michael, got into a fight in the back of a limo with her mother Dina, and declared her intent to vote for Mitt Romney. Things haven't quieted down since. After the writer Bret Easton Ellis called her out on Twitter for skipping work on her latest flick The Canyons, Father of the Year Michael attempted to stage an intervention at LiLo's home with her entire management team last Friday. "[She's surrounded by] a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts," Michael Lohan told reporters outside Chez LiLo. He claims to have seen prescription pills, empty alcohol bottles and cocaine in his daughter's hotel room, and that sources close to Lindsay have told him she's drinking anywhere from a bottle to a bottle and a half of vodka per day. His intervention attempt was unsuccessful: a man claiming to be LiLo's boyfriend shooed him away and told the cops he was trespassing, saying that any problems LiLo has will not be solved by her father.

Michael Lohan is now apparently gunning for a conservatorship that will have someone (but not him) control LiLo's finances—similar to the one Britney Spears has. But he won't have it all his own way: his daughter remains adamant that she hasn't relapsed. Not only that, but she now wants an order of protection against her dad. LiLo has reportedly flown to New York to meet with the rest of her family and figure out how to proceed. Her siblings also say they want nothing to do with Michael. Dina Lohan has also been pushing for an order of protection: "It's all about her father obsessed with making a name for himself in the news once again. It's sad and I hope he stops masquerading as her father in public and starts acting like one in private," she says. Of course, this come's from the woman who allegedly attacked Lindsay less than two weeks ago. Perhaps orders of protection all round might be a good idea.

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By McCarton Ackerman


10/22/12 5:00am

Morning Roundup: October 22, 2012


Cops accused Barker of being a "drug-toting
gang member." Photo via

By The Fix staff

world smoking rates

10/19/12 5:02pm

Our World in Smoke


Eastern Europe is in the red. Photo via

The Wall Street Journal has put together a fascinating map of worldwide smoking rates, displaying how many cigarettes are consumed per person per year in each nation. Eastern Europe lights up like a Christmas tree: leading the world's cigarette pack is Serbia, where people cough their way through an astonishing 2,861 smokes each per year—that's about eight for every citizen every day. The Russians aren't far behind, in fourth place with 2,786 cigarettes each annually—at the cost of an estimated 400,000 lives and $48.1 billion per year. But Romania bucks the regional trend, partly thanks to some rugged laws that ban smoking in all public areas; fines of 25% of violators' incomes have been seriously proposed there.

Our planet's biggest nicotine fiends outside of Eastern Europe are the South Koreans, the Kazakhs and the Japanese, in that order; the average South Korean puffs 1,958 cigarettes per year. Despite the immense total volume of smoking in China—a world-beating 50,000 cigs a second, or 3.73 billion a day—its per capita rate is a little lower, at 1,711. 

Some of the world's poorer nations are better off when it comes to smoking rates. People in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa smoke less than anyone else: Indians consume 92 cigarettes per year on average, and Ethiopians a mere 46. “If Americans smoked like that,” notes the WSJ, “Cigarette companies would collapse overnight.” Of course, any loss to the US economy would be offset by drastically reduced medical bills: smoking-related health issues currently cost the States $92 billion a year. So how much do Americans smoke? Fortunately for us, this is one contest we're a long way from winning: we rank 34th in the world, at about one thousand cigarettes per person per year—roughly on a par with the Israelis, the Australians and the Irish.

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By Bryan Le

sex and drugs

10/19/12 4:10pm

Woman Hooked on Male Attention Became an Escort


Hooked Photo via

Can women be addicted to male attention? Jennifer, a 31-year-old recovering addict from California, would say so. She was hooked on heroin in her early twenties; her then-boyfriend convinced her she had a problem, and she went to rehab to get clean. She's never touched heroin again. But straight after she left rehab, a new problem began to emerge. “I’m not really sure how it happened, but I started to work for an escort service,” Jennifer tells The Fix. “It wasn’t prostitution or anything, but what drew me to this particular company was the fact that all I had to do was go on dates with men...lots of men.” Jennifer says she didn't sleep with her clients, but that working as an escort made her feel the same “high” that drugs had given her, because of all the attention she received. At the same time, she also became obsessed with constantly posting provocative pictures of herself on her Facebook page. “I honestly couldn’t stop,” she tells us. “I just had to post pictures and see how many men would comment.”

After a year of this behavior, Jennifer's increasing realization that she'd developed a new problem led her to quit working as an escort and seek counseling. She was told she was "addicted" to male attention. “It made sense to me,” she says. “I would get a jolt of adrenaline whenever any man paid attention to me, and shortly after I would come down on that feeling, and feel horrible! It was like I was on drugs.”

While the American Psychiatric Association doesn't classify Jennifer’s condition as an addiction, some mental health professionals say they regularly encounter behavior like this in recovering addicts, particlarly females. “It’s extremely common to go from one addiction to another,” Cindy Grassin, a counselor who specializes in addiction and works at a drug and alcohol rehab in California, tells The Fix. “Anything that can give you a particular feeling a former addict can be drawn to. Things such as food, exercise, or even relationships with men, are not that uncommon.” Grassin emphasizes that an obsession with or addiction to male attention is different from a sex addiction. “You’re not addicted to the act of sex with these men," she explains. "You just want them to make you feel a certain way by paying attention to you.”

Jennifer says her decision to seek counseling and quit social media helped her find the right balance in her life: “For me, social media just fed my obsession, so I had to cut it out. I feel like I’ve reached a good place, but I’m always on guard, and like all former addicts, I’m always avoiding things that can be a possible trigger.”

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By Valerie Tejeda

celebrity rehab

10/19/12 3:31pm

Frontman's Rehab Stint "Killing" Green Day


They'll be happy when he comes around.
Photo via

After a well-publicized meltdown onstage at an iHeartRadio music event last month, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong seems to be taking his recovery seriously. He has remained in rehab ever since he checked in shortly after the September incident, and the band has been vocal about their wholehearted support of their leading man—despite apparently feeling the sting of his absence. "Billie doesn't take things lightly and he wouldn't take rehab lightly, either," says bassist Mike Dirnt. But while the "basket case" recovers, the band has been forced to cancel their October 27 appearance at the Voodo Festival in New Orleans. The break in touring is "killing everyone," says Dirnt, since "Green Day has never been a band that sits still." Still, it's been something of a lesson for the bassist: "sometimes you have to step back and let life go on rather than try to control everything.” Despite the trouble Armstrong's breakdown has caused for his band, he won't be walking the lonely road of recovery alone. "I know that my friend's life is in danger and that's all I care about," says Dirnt. "We're brothers-in-arms waiting for Billie to return healthy, but we're not going to force anything."

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By Bryan Le

sex addiction

10/19/12 1:22pm

Nicole Kidman Turns Down Nymphomaniac


Shyer than Shia Photo via

Nicole Kidman has quit the cast of sex addiction film Nymphomaniac, after Danish director Lars von Trier decreed that the film's sex scenes will be for real. Though the movie—which will relate a female sex addict's erotic experiences—has lost Kidman, it still boasts a powerful cast, including Uma Thurman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Willem Dafoe and Christian Slater. Then there's Shia LeBeouf, who—despite the way his first name is pronounced—seems to be pumped for some silver screen sex. “[The movie] is what you think it is. It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he's making,” says the Transformers star. “For instance, there's a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we're doing it for real. Everything that is illegal, we'll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.” So eager was he to prove himself ready to participate in the “woman's erotic journey from birth to the age of 50” that he sent a home sex tape of him and his girlfriend to the producers. LeBeouf's previous method acting measures have included tripping on acid. Despite the plot, and von Trier's own reference to the movie as a “porno,” he insists the movie isn't really going to be one: “When we call this a porno, it's meant ironically, but irony doesn't work well in print. The film is sexually explicit—but, believe me, it will be a very, very bad wanking movie."

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By Bryan Le


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