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9/23/14 8:29am

Back 2 Basics



"I am just wrapping up another anniversary...and in reflection I can see that my life truly a miracle. The years of chaos and destruction prior to getting sober cost me hundreds and thousands of dollars a month in restitution, repairs...the high cost of low living. 

Finally as a young adult myself, after a series of unfortunate events and the right amount of willingness plus desperation, I surrendered to the fact that my life was unmanageable. 

I was an emotional and physical mess my first couple of years...grateful to be sober and to have found the rooms. But I could still justify old behaviors like a little lying and stealing...kind of late for work and leave just a few minutes early. A lot of those old justifications and behaviors have subsided but I still have to check in with another fellow if all my ideas are good or just what I want to sound good enough so I can do and get what I want. 

As of late, I really get the anonymity thing today...I need to just do good things and contribute positively to the world, for the sake of doing them not because people will approve or like me better. The reward is me liking and approving the man I am today, not how many likes I have on Facebook."

—B2B staff

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9/23/14 7:00am

Morning Roundup: Sept. 23, 2014


Thanks for your service. Shutterstock

By Shawn Dwyer

uncool cat

9/22/14 7:30pm

Machete-Wielding Teen High on Meow-Meow Goes on Rampage



A UK teen went on a robbery rampage armed with a machete while high on "meow-meow," also known as mephedrone or M-Cat.

One woman who worked at a clothing exchange store said Connor Scott, 19, walked in with his hoodie up and a bandanna on his face and demanded she hand over cash.

"The woman thought he was a customer," said prosecutor Jonathan Dunn. "She then saw that he had reached for a machete that was concealed down his trousers."

Scott attempted to force his way into the woman's office while shouting, "Give me your money," but oddly backed off after a few minutes and left empty handed.

Minutes later, he approached a cashier at a Co-Op store and demanded money from the till, repeating the demand while raising his machete. When the cashier told Scott he couldn't open the cash register, Scott left to get an air pistol.

"The police had been called to deal with the robbery and officers were in the area in some numbers. He was seen by the police walking in a strange manner," Dunn said. "They approached him. He produced the air pistol."

Officers said that Scott asked them to "Get me off the streets" before they arrested him. Scott's defense attorney, Michael Crammer-Brown, told the court that Scott began taking meow meow and drinking heavily because of personal problems after falling into debt to a drug dealer. 

"He bitterly regrets what he did," Crammer-Brown said.

Scott has been sentenced to four years in a youth offender's institution.

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By Bryan Le

cocaine wars

9/22/14 5:30pm

Michael Bay to Produce Cocaine Trade Drama for TNT



After years of trying, director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have finally received a pilot episode for their untitled cocaine drama.

The pilot was picked up by TNT and will be written by Michelle Ashford, creator and executive producer of Masters of Sex, a Showtime series that explores changing sexual mores in the 1960s. The Bay-Bruckheimer series will delve into the Wild West cocaine trade in Miami circa 1978.

Bay and Bruckheimer were originally inspired by the 2006 documentary, Cocaine Cowboys, which detailed the exploding drug trade in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s amidst a drastic rise in violent crime, as gangs and drug cartels flooded the streets with cocaine. After that project stalled, Bay and Bruckheimer worked with Ashford in 2011 on another incarnation of the series slated for HBO, but once again the pilot was trapped in development hell.

But the Bay-Bruckheimer series isn't the only Hollywood project delving into the Miami cocaine wars. Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg are currently making a film version, American Desperado, which is based on the true story of Jon Roberts, a Vietnam veteran who dealt billions of dollars of cocaine to the Medellín drug cartel and wound up spending 10 years in prison.

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By Shawn Dwyer

greener pastures

9/22/14 3:30pm

"Fuck It!" TV Reporter Quits on Air to Advocate for Legal Pot


Moving on to greener pastures. Photo via

While some may offer their employer two weeks notice before moving on to greener pastures, an Anchorage TV news reporter found a more creative way to leave her job.

The aptly named Charlo Greene, a reporter for CBS affiliate KTVA, left her job on Sunday evening by announcing on air her decision to quit in order to maintain her ownership of the Alaska Cannabis Club, a medical marijuana collective that seeks to provide "safe access to a wide variety of medication, including dried herbs, medibles and...concentrates."

"Everything you heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska," Greene said on air.

"And as for this job," Greene continued, "Well, not that I have a choice, but fuck it, I quit."

She then shrugged and proceeded to walk off camera, prompting the producer to cut away to a stunned KTVA news anchor who quickly "apologized" for Greene's colorful exit.

A short while later, the station's news director, Bert Rudman, wrote another apology on KTVA's Facebook page. "We sincerely apologize for the inappropriate language used by a KTVA reporter during her live presentation on the air tonight. The employee has been terminated," Rudman wrote. A meaningless gesture, since Greene had already quit.

The next day, Greene explained in a video posted on YouTube why she exited her job, saying that "there comes a time in each and every one of our lives when we must choose to continue to spectate, or stand up for what's right."

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By Shawn Dwyer


9/22/14 1:00pm

Drug Dealer Civil Liability Act Ruled Unconstitutional



A Tulsa County Judge has ruled that a 1994 state law allowing people accused of dealing drugs to be held liable in civil lawsuits is unconstitutional. District Judge Jefferson Sellers tossed out a lawsuit based on the Drug Dealer Civil Liability Act, which had been recorded on behalf of three children against 51 people convicted or accused of drug dealing and related offenses in Tulsa County.

Tulsa attorney Kevin Adams filed the lawsuit in 2013 under the Drug Dealer Liability Act. Under the law, children of drug-using parents were able to sue to recover damages caused by illegal drug use. Passed in 1994 as part of the war on drugs, the law had actually been untested until this recent lawsuit.

“We are going to appeal it, and we expect this issue to make it to the Supreme Court one way or the other," Adams said in response to the ruling. "We expect we will win at the Supreme Court.”

Adams’ suit sought actual and punitive damages on behalf of three children: a nine-year-old boy, his two-year-old brother, and an unrelated two-year-old boy. On account of drug abuse in their homes, the children had been taken away from their parents and now live with guardians.

The mother of the two brothers was caught repeatedly abusing marijuana, methamphetamine, hydrocodone, and Xanax. The other child’s mother did the same. Adams hoped to recover enough in the lawsuit to pay for the three children’s housing, educational costs, and other needs. The suit explained that the 51 defendants listed in the civil case were all “arrested and charged with either possession with intent to distribute, drug distribution, trafficking, cultivation or endeavoring to manufacture illegal drugs in Tulsa County.”

Representing a 23-year-old Bixby man named in the lawsuit, Tulsa attorney Joel Wohlgemuth believes the law to be “patently unconstitutional.” The ruling by Sellers was in response to Wohlgemuth’s motion to dismiss the suit on behalf of the man. Although the man pleaded guilty to possession of drugs with intent to distribute, he had no connection to the children or the parents.

“It did not require any causal connection between a plaintiff who was allegedly harmed on one instance and a specific individual who was named as causing that harm," Wohlgemuth said. "We think the ruling will stand up on appeal because it was made by an experienced trial judge and the issue of lack of due process is glaring in the case.”

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By John Lavitt


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