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Video: Zetas Trained Texas Teen as Hitman

This 22-year-old mass murderer from Texas was just 13 when he made his first kill for the Zetas cartel.


Reta being interviewed in prison Photo via

By Bryan Le


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Once in a while a young person shows up on the news who's done more than most will in a lifetime. But Rosalio “Bart” Reta's story isn't one to inspire: at the age of just 13, he began a career as a sicario—a hitman and kidnapper—for Mexico's notorious Zetas drug cartel. The 22-year-old from Laredo, Texas claims that his first kill, aged 13, was a choice he was forced to make: kill or be killed by his new employers. From that point on he was a hitman up to five days a week, working as part of a three-man cell, and making $10,000-$50,000 per hit, with a weekly retainer and some expensive cars thrown in. By the end of his career, Reta claims, he killed more than 30 people on both sides of the border. He's now serving 70 years in a Texas penitentiary, from where he gave this interview to CBC News:

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