Youth Resources


A 12-step fellowship for friends and families of problem drinkers.

Children of Alcoholics Foundation

A nonprofit organization that provides educational materials and services to help professionals, children, and adults dealing with parental addiction.

Do It Now Foundation

A non-profit publisher of alcohol, substance abuse, and health information, targeting audiences including middle school, high school and college students.

Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free

A foundation led by current and former Governors’ spouses that campaigns to curtail alcohol use by children aged 9-15 and provides alcohol-related information and resources for parents, community leaders, and researchers.

Association of Recovery Schools

A national group of recovery high schools and college dorms designed to help addicted students to achieve success in both education and recovery.

National Family Partnership

An organization that provides information and materials for communities to promote youth alcohol and drug prevention efforts.

National Youth Recovery Foundation (NYRF)

A foundation that raises funds, assists teens in recovery and supports recovery schools.

Students Against Destructive Decisions

An organization that seeks to provide students with resources to help prevent underage drinking, drunk driving, and drug abuse.

Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities (TASC)

An organization providing treatment programs, research on alternative alcohol and drug treatments, and services for people and professionals in the child welfare, juvenile justice, and criminal justice systems.