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Woman "Addicted" to Drinking Urine

A woman who is dependent on drinking her urine will feature on the finale of My Strange Addiction this weekend.


Carrie drinks up to 80 ounces per day.
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By Valerie Tejeda


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In one of the most stomach-churning cases to feature on TLC’s My Strange Addiction, a cancer-stricken woman has sadly become dependent on drinking and bathing in her own urine. On the season finale this weekend, 53-year-old Carrie will discuss her habit. "I like warm pee. It's comforting," she says. "The first time I drank my urine, I didn't throw up and it wasn't horrible. So I thought, 'You know what? I can do this.'" She adds, "My urine does smell, depending on what I eat. Today it tastes a whole lot different than it did four years ago." Besides drinking her pee, Carrie puts her urine in her eyes, rubs it on her skin, and even brushes her teeth with it. She credits her habits with helping to keep her cancer at bay, and has been drinking up to 80 ounces of urine a day for the past four years. "There are certain things I don't like to eat anymore, because they don't taste good recycled," she says. "I love, love, love asparagus. I won't eat it anymore. It makes the urine taste … oooh, really bad." But her daughter worries about the prospect of her mom's habit doing more harm to her health than good, since urine is your body’s way of recycling waste. Viewers can find out on Sunday, 10 pm EST whether Carrie gets the help she needs.

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