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Woman "Addicted" to Breast Implants

She claims her 38KKK breasts are the best thing in her life—but still not big enough.


Hershey's breasts saved her life after her
airbags failed to deploy. Photo via

By Valerie Tejeda


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Adding to the debate on cosmetic surgery addiction, this week's episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction featured a women who is apparently addicted to breast implants. Houston native Sheyla Hershey has had 22 surgeries over the last 13 years, and spent around $250,000 to get her breasts to the troublingly-named size 38KKK. Even after contracting a life-threatening infection following her last surgery, Hershey wants to go under the knife again to make her breasts bigger still. Each of the giant appendages currently contains 86 fluid ounces of saline. "My breasts is like my babies," she explains. "I love them like they are my kids. Having these is just the most good thing in my life." Hershey even claims her implants saved her life, after she crashed into a tree and her airbags failed to deploy. "I am so lucky to be alive right now with the condition the car is in," she told a Houston TV station following the crash. "They definitely saved my life. They are very sore right now." Hershey was cited by a police officer on the scene for driving while intoxicated; she claimed that she doesn't drink, but did have prescription pills, for depression and bipolar disorder, in her system. Even though her huge breast implants cause her extreme back pain and even keep her from holding and hugging her daughter, Hershey feels it's worth it, saying, "Anything for beauty."

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