Wendy's Employee Fired Over Marijuana Burger

Wendy's Employee Fired Over Marijuana Burger

By McCarton Ackerman 12/06/13

The surprising discovery is just one of several instances where fast food restaurants have seen a rash of drug-related activity.

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This isn’t normally part of a value meal: A Wendy’s employee in Lovejoy, GA was fired and arrested for possession of marijuana after putting a joint in a customer’s cheeseburger.

Amy Seiber was canned last month when a customer called paramedics after finding a half-smoked blunt in her cheeseburger. Seiber admitted the blunt was hers when questioned by police, claiming she was toking on the job and “misplaced” her joint inside of the customer’s burger. “Obviously the employee broke the rules and did not follow proper food handling steps. We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred,” said a representative for Wendy’s. The customer revealed that she experienced symptoms similar to food poisoning after eating the burger and needed to be hospitalized; the spokesperson confirmed that they are working out a resolution with the customer that includes paying for her medical bills.

Of course, this isn’t the only time that drugs have made their way into a restaurant. Last month, the manager of Smokin’ Hog BBQ in Greenfield, IN, was arrested for his role in a drug operation that involved his restaurant as a drop-off point for drug packages. Hancock County Sheriff Michael Shepherd confirmed that seven arrests have been made and that the drug transactions took place “during business hours [while] customers were inside."

And just recently, Kashif Mohammed Siddiqui, the owner of Jubille Joe’s Restaurant in Hoover, AL, was arrested on drug trafficking charges that took place within the restaurant. Siddiqui also faces firearm and money laundering charges. If convicted, he could serve up to 45 years in prison.