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Uruguay President Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Jose Mujica's work in legalizing marijuana is being recognized as “a tool for peace and understanding.”


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By Bryan Le


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In the face of global criticism, President Jose Mujica led Uruguay to become the first country in the world to fully legalize and regulate marijuana, even though he never tried it personally. For his efforts, the Drug Peace Institute (an organization that advocates marijuana as a human right), PlantaTuPlanta, the Latin American Coalition of Cannabis Activists (CLAC), and members of his own political party have nominated Mujica for the Nobel Peace Prize for the second year in a row. 

The Drug Peace Institute commended Mujica for taking a stand against U.N. laws and ending marijuana prohibition, calling his actions a "symbol of a hand outstretched, of a new era in a divided world." The institute noted how it was befitting of the “world's poorest president” to legalize a drug that has the “peculiar quality of diminishing the ego.”

“I’m very thankful to these people for honoring me,” Mujica said. “We are only proposing the right to try another path because the path of repression doesn’t work. We don’t know if we’ll succeed. We ask for support, scientific spirit and to understand that no addiction is a good thing. But our efforts go beyond marijuana - we're taking aim at the drug traffic.”

Uruguay is set to begin regulated sales of marijuana in April. 

See Jose Mujica's humble lifestyle below:

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