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Universal Studios Sued Over Claims of Celeb Drug Use

A lawsuit claims execs turned a "blind eye" to musicians—like TI and Adam Levine—getting high in the studios.


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By Bryan Le


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In a wrongful termination lawsuit brought against Universal Music Group, a disgruntled former security guard accuses the company of turning a blind eye to celebrities' rampant drug use in their Santa Monica office. The accuser—who has identified herself as a 41-year-old African American woman—cites Macy Gray, MC Ren, Jamie Foxx, T.I., Future and Maroon 5's Adam Levine among those musical artists she claims have freely used drugs, and committed other lewd acts, while recording music at the studios. Since she began patrolling the building in 2010, she says “artists and high profile celebrities began visiting the premises with drugs in hand and oftentimes offering drugs to [her],” and the facility has been “infiltrated with pervasive drug use where you could smell marijuana seeping from various offices, and openly used in common areas, and lounges." Management allegedly turned a "blind eye" to the activities, and when the woman complained about the smell of marijuana was wafting from one of the studios, they told her: “It's Adam Levine. You know from Maroon 5... He can do whatever he wants. If he wants to come to the lobby and do a line of cocaine on the floor, it's OK.” The lawsuit also includes claims that she was subject to racial slurs, there were “condoms plastered in the men's bathroom,” and other UMG employees “engaged in intimate touching and grinding, involving buttocks and genitalia.” The woman is now suing the studios for wrongful termination; she was fired from her job and banned from the studios, which she says was a result of her earlier complaints. A spokesperson for Universal Music Group has called the allegations of drug use "absurd."

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