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Map: The United States of Booze

See what boozy beverage each state is most proud of in the land of plentiful options.


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By Bryan Le


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Americans have been turning amber waves of grain into alcohol throughout the nation's history, but the states are not united in their booze-of-choice. The Thrillist has mapped out each state's most iconic brews or liquors, from West Coast (Sierra Nevada beer) to East (Samuel Adams and Cuttyside). Some of the picks are not surprising: Tennessee, of course, is known for its love of Jack Daniel's, and Kentuckians proudly swill Jim Beam. Then there are some lesser known brews, such as Oklahoma's favorite "Texas SUX" beer. Booze-drinking Americans have expressed their affirmation and outrage in the comments, with some Ohioans pointing out that the state's premiere brewery is most definitely Great Lakes Brewing Co., not Hopping Frog. And an irate East Coaster protests that Jagermeister has "nothing to do with New Jersey." Do you stand proudly behind your state's chosen beverage? Click on the map below to enlarge:

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