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UK vs. US: Club Drug Showdown

A transatlantic survey of clubbers' habits yields some surprising results.


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By Bryan Le


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The UK's Mixmag surveyed about 20,000 clubbers from Britain and the US about their drug use, and found some interesting results. Alcohol, unsurprisingly, is the most popular drug on both sides of the pond, and cannabis is a close second. Apparently, more clubbers in the UK have taken MDMA (67% of respondents in the past year) than consumed energy drinks (only 55.7%). The US swings in the opposite direction, with 66.3% having consumed energy drinks, compared to 60.9% taking MDMA (the main ingredient in Ecstasy or Molly). Clubbers in the US are also more than twice as likely to use LSD and shrooms (44.3% and 40.7%, respectively) than UK clubbers. Perhaps most worryingly, 14% of all respondents have tried a "mystery powder," not knowing what it contained. Check out the rest of their results below:

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